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July 2019  Articles

Ernest Tubb

A Customer Service Example From Country Music Hall of Famer Ernest Tubb

By  |  July 18, 2013 10:12 pm

Ernest Tubb is a well-known name to anyone familiar with country music stars of the 1930s through the 1980s. During his recording and performing career, he achieved many milestones including headlining the first Grand Ole Opry performance at New York City’s Carnegie Hall along with a long string of hit records including Waltz Across Texas, Thanks a Lot, and Walking the Floor Over You.


How to deliver bad news

5 Rules for How to Deliver Bad News

By  |  July 7, 2014 5:48 pm

Sometimes, it’s necessary to deliver bad news to a customer or end user. For example, an order might not be ready when it was promised, a project might end up costing more than was projected, or a software application might not be ready for installation according to schedule. Regardless of the nature of the bad …


Overcoming Obstacles

By  |  July 2, 2015 6:55 am

I want to tell you about two average people who overcame unbelievable challenges to lead happy and fulfilling lives. Myeong Hee’s Story In the summer of 2013, I met Myeong Hee, a woman who escaped from North Korea. Her father was killed for the food he was trying to bring to his family and her …


emotional intelligence

How to Handle Other People’s Emotions When You Just Can’t Relate

By  |  July 17, 2015 12:05 pm

Sometimes we encounter people who are experiencing emotions and we just can’t relate. Perhaps we encounter a customer or end user who is excited about something and we think to ourselves it’s no big deal. Maybe the other person is sad and we don’t think whatever it was that caused the sadness was that big …



800 Minutes of Meditation: Day One-Eight Minutes

By  |  July 29, 2015 11:24 am

I have a routine, sort of. This morning, I did my entire routine. In my routine, I work out on my elliptical machine for around 35 minutes (sometimes I go for a walk or play a round of golf instead), do a series of stretches, and finish with meditation for eight minutes. I don’t always …


interpersonal communication for customer service

Successful Communication Techniques for Technical People: Interview with Lisa Voso

By  |  July 6, 2016 5:55 am

Don Crawley: My guest today is Lisa Voso of Voso Impact, Inc. a communications and speech coaching firm. She works with executives and professional speakers on their communication skills including both their speech performance and their content development. She holds a master’s degree in communications and a law degree. She has participated in national speech …


learn how to keep your cool

10 Tips to Help You Keep Your Cool When Everyone Around You is Really Hot (or Angry)

By  |  July 20, 2016 5:55 am

Those of us who work in IT, especially in technical support, often have to deal with people who are losing their cool. Maybe a printer failed at the worst time, maybe the network went down right in the middle of an important project, maybe a computer blue-screened right in the middle of a client demonstration. …


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