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Here are eight simple ways to show you care.

1: Be on time.

If you’ve ever said the words, “I’m sorry I’m late. The traffic was terrible.” or words to that effect, you were making an excuse for not leaving early enough. My sons had a football coach who told the boys, “If you’re not five minutes early, you’re late.” Being late is disrespectful to the people you’re meeting. It says you think your time is more valuable than theirs. Be on time.

2: Be polite.

Use basic manners. Say please, thank you, you’re welcome. Say you’re sorry when you make a mistake.

3: Dress professionally.

We discussed this earlier. Dress appropriately for your organization. Even in the most casual of organizations, however, there are some groups of people whose style of dressing suggests a higher level of professionalism than other groups. Be like them.

4: Carry yourself with confidence.

Sometimes, you may feel intimidated by a situation or a person. Times like those require you to be a good actor. There’s a saying “Never let them see you sweat.”, which means even when you don’t feel confident, act confident. Think of people whom you respect and admire and how they would act in similar situations. Then do what they would do!

5: Be a good listener.

Listen to gain an understanding of what the other person is saying. Pay close attention. Silence the voices in your mind that are suggesting what you can say. Just listen.

6: Follow through.

Do what you say you’ll do when you say you will do it. Surprise people by checking back with them to see if their problem was resolved. Ask how things are going?

7: Clean up after yourself.

When you do an in-person visit, make sure the area is cleaner after you leave than it was when you arrived.

8: Do good.

Just generally do good. Volunteer in your community. Take a senior citizen to lunch. Mentor a kid. Pick up trash. Serve lunch at a soup kitchen. Volunteer at a homeless shelter or a jail. Volunteer at an animal shelter. When you do good in one area of your life, it affects all areas of your life. You’ll become a more caring individual. Find a way to make a positive difference in the lives of others. Need some ideas? Check out Volunteer Match at volunteermatch.org.

The key to letting people know you care is to be a friendly professional. That means that you treat everyone around you with dignity and respect and you maintain a positive and upbeat demeanor. It means that you look for ways to make the world a little better, and you’re pleasant and easy to be around.

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