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I received this very kind letter from Eva Spacek who attended a corporate webinar I conducted last summer for Schaeffler International. She offers some very kind words about the webinar, but what I want to share with you are her thoughts about our privilege to serve as IT professionals (she referred to her role as a desktop support technician, but her thoughts apply to all of us who make our living in information systems and technology).

Here is her letter.

“After listening to Don’s Crawley powerfully interesting speech about the importance of customer satisfaction, I slowly put my phone’s receiver down with a thought, hovering in my mind; whatever he had said, he meant it. He meant his kindness.

We, as desktop support technicians, are able to help with our customers’ needs based on a various levels of access privilege every single day. And I’d like to think that my job is based on a privilege to help.

After attending, the Compassionate Geek Webinar, I thought to myself, again, how important the meaning of customer satisfaction is, not only in my workplace, but also in my personal life. As an IT desktop support technician, providing a healthy communication, striving to do the best, being compassionate for my customers’ needs, being a good listener, and really trying to understand what my customers are saying to me, is the key to success in my job.  Empathy, the ability to understand and share the feelings of another, treating my customers with dignity and respect, are the crucial aspects of my performance every day, here, at Schaeffler Company. As Mr. Crawley has mentioned, my customer is just like me, and I’m just like her. We both try to communicate and need the help from each other. To listen. To understand.

I found Mr. Crawley’s words powerfully interesting, sensitive to the real meaning of kindness, the true understanding of the role as a computer technician in a customer’s service, performed on a daily basis. After putting my phone down, making some notes, I opened my office’s door with a thought. I left the room with a better understanding of my personal growth as a computer support technician. Let’s mean it, I said to myself.

Eva Spacek
IT Microsoft Certified Professional
A+, Net+, MCP, MCTS, MRSA, MCTIP Certified”

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