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Why Things Go Wrong with Customers

August 14, 2019

Sometimes, when we’re working on customer service support or even helping a colleague, things seem to go off track unexpectedly. Of course, when you’re dealing with other people, you will occasionally get a surprise reaction! Here are some common reasons why things go wrong, along with some tips for what to do when that happens: …


5 customer service tips your it employees need to learn

5 Customer Service Tips Your IT Employees Need to Learn

August 6, 2019

The IT services market is growing faster every day making competition fierce. Companies that survive are focused on one thing: customer service experience. From the moment a customer engages with your company they are making decisions about how they feel about doing business with you. Customers are comparing service from your team and your competition. …


Why Customer Service Training is Important for IT Professionals

Why Customer Service Training is Important for IT Professionals (An End User’s Lament)

August 1, 2019

It was a Friday afternoon, I was working hard to knock out the last few to-do’s before the weekend when “it” happened. My cursor suddenly became the spinning wheel of death. It wouldn’t click, wouldn’t let me close anything, it just spun. Instant panic struck me, I had been working on a massive report for …


proactivity, thinking ahead

The Power of Proactivity

July 31, 2019

My wife Janet needed a new rearview mirror for her car. We called the dealership to see about getting one. (You can probably imagine where this is going!) It was exorbitantly expensive. Even Stephen, the parts guy, was shocked when he found out how much it cost! He suggested that look into getting a used …


ways to show you care

8 Ways to Show You Care

July 17, 2019

Here are eight simple ways to show you care. 1: Be on time. If you’ve ever said the words, “I’m sorry I’m late. The traffic was terrible.” or words to that effect, you were making an excuse for not leaving early enough. My sons had a football coach who told the boys, “If you’re not …


Making All the Parts Work Together Like a Well-Oiled Machine

July 3, 2019

Is your organization a well-oiled machine? Any organization is comprised of many parts. Think about your workplace. It’s probably made up of various departments, perhaps including management, finance and accounting, sales and marketing, customers, vendors, IT, production, research, and maintenance. Or, if you work in education, there’s administration, faculty, support staff, students, a development team, …


team conflict

How to Manage the Battle Between Sales and Service

June 19, 2019

Jared, the salesperson for a mid-sized MSP, had been working on a customer deal for weeks. Finally, it looked like it was going to close, but the customer wanted one more service included before she’d sign the contract. Jared agreed to the request without consulting with the service delivery team. When the service delivery team …