A well-trained workforce is one of the best ways to ensure a company’s success. It seems like common knowledge, yet often companies provide either inadequate training or none at all. What should you do if you work for an organization like that?

Some people might choose to coast, doing as little as possible. They might say to themselves, “The company doesn’t care, so why should I?” It’s certainly understandable that they would feel that way. The problem is that not only does the company suffer from such an attitude, it also affects the person who feels that way and their customers, their fellow humans. I remember flying on an airline which was having labor problems. The in-flight staff was rude to the customers, yet the customers had nothing to do with the labor problems. It was as though the in-flight crew was so angry at the airline they wanted to do everything possible to create a bad experience for everyone else. They forgot that, one human to another, we are all deserving of each other’s care and compassion.

Training Options

Another approach, if your company doesn’t provide the needed training, is to take the responsibility to make yourself as good as possible, in spite of the company’s actions (or inaction). In other words, perhaps your company doesn’t provide customer service training, even though the data is very clear about the value of good customer service. There are many books on customer service (including some I’ve written), there are videos, there are blogs, and many other sources of training on customer service. If you want to have a successful career and life, take personal responsibility for making yourself as good as possible at your job, even if your company doesn’t seem to care. It’s a matter of having personal pride in your work and caring for your fellow human beings, your brothers and sisters who come to you for help.

Technical Training and Certifications

The same thing applies to technical training and certifications. When I’m conducting training, I frequently ask if the participants are working on technical certifications. Often, the answer is that their company doesn’t offer any incentive to achieve certifications, so they don’t care. I try to point out that the certifications can be a matter of pride, can help improve your chances in future job searches, and the certification preparation process can help fill in knowledge gaps.

The more knowledge you have, the easier your job becomes. You’ll gain self-respect along with the respect of your friends and colleagues. Knowledge is power, especially when it’s self-motivated.

Wanna get a better job or a raise or a promotion? Take personal responsibility for making yourself as valuable as possible. Invest in yourself, regardless of whether your employer does or not. You are so worth it!

For More Ideas on How to Improve Communication and Customer Service Skills

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