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Many times, clients ask me for recommendations on how to keep the training evergreen. They invite me to visit their location to give a talk or training on IT customer service and they want to continue the momentum started with my visit.

Start a Customer Service Book Club

I frequently recommend they start a book club to read and discuss books oriented around people skills.

It makes sense to start with my book The Compassionate Geek since their staff has just spent time with me learning the five principles and other concepts from the book.

You’ll find ideas for conducting a book club on this page of my website.

The challenge for some organizations is how to continue the book club after finishing The Compassionate Geek. Here are additional recommendations for your book club’s reading:

Obviously, there are many additional books which are well worth reading related to customer service, interpersonal communication, and people skills. This list is not intended to be comprehensive, it’s merely a starting point.

The key is to read.

Whether you’re in a book club or not, read much and read often. Read authors with whom you disagree.

If you have suggestions, please leave a comment.

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