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Let’s define compassion and geek. Compassion is seeing others who are hurting and finding ways to help. Geek is a term of pride referring to a computer expert. The path to success as a compassionate geek is really the same as the path to success as a human.

Here are five keys to help ensure your success on the road to becoming a compassionate geek:

  1. People skills can be learned. Really. People skills are simply behaviors which can be studied, learned, and imitated. Sometimes, they may seem awkward at first. With practice, they can become natural and second nature.
  2. Let go of any desire to change other people. You can’t. If you’re not getting the response you want from other people, focus on changing yourself and how you interact with others.
  3. Grant yourself the grace to be human. Remember that you and I, like everyone, are subject to the bane of our species, human frailty. You’re not always going to do things right. Just keep practicing! Lasting change usually comes in small increments over time. It will come. Remember, also, that practice makes permanent. Whatever you practice will become your habit, so make sure you’re practicing only the behaviors you want to become habits.
  4. Find a mentor. Look for someone whom you respect and who seems to get along well with people and ask for his or her assistance. Avoid cynical, negative people. Look for honest, optimistic people who, by their actions, show that they care for others.
  5. Give back. Look for ways to give back to your community, to repay the kindness others have shown you. Helping others changes our perspective, we automatically become more compassionate and empathetic and we develop attitudes of service that permeate everything we do. Look for ways to move beyond the I and me and get to the us and we.

This journey to becoming a compassionate geek is filled with lots of surprises, some setbacks, and no conclusion until the very end of our lives. The great news is that your journey to becoming a compassionate geek includes tangible benefits in terms of your career, your health, and your happiness. So, jump in and enjoy the ride!

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