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This seems so simple and so obvious, yet I continue hearing people answer the telephone the wrong way. It’s just like your parents said: You have only one chance to make a good first impression. The manner in which you answer phone calls is what creates that first impression. Do it right and the call will go better. Do it wrong and you’ll lose credibility, fail to make a human-to-human connection with your caller, and your call won’t go nearly as well.

Sometimes, people answer the telephone in a brusque manner, saying in a gruff voice, “Tech support”. Sometime, they sound bored. Other times, they answer with a lengthy script in which they recite their technical certifications and even beg for evaluation scores by stating their evaluation objective. Sometimes, they sound so syrupy sweet that they come across as condescending. In the above video, you can see examples of all three improper phone-answering techniques.

The correct way to answer the telephone is with a greeting which is simple, up-beat, professional, and short. An example is, “Technical support. This is Don. May I help you?” or something similar. Again, in the video, you can hear and see examples of the correct way to answer the phone.

What if your company requires you to recite some long and ridiculous script? First, show them my video on how to answer the phone! If that doesn’t work, do your best to understand their motivation in requiring the script, practice it with a friend, and work to make it as believable as possible. Good luck!

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