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A human-centered focus is now a big part of the new world of technology

Let's move beyond "doing some customer service training for our IT staff" to creating fundamental change in the way our IT people see their customers and each other.

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Organizations and individuals are now realizing that successful customer relationships make for successful businesses and careers.

Organizations who care deeply about their people and their culture, in addition to their financial performance, are no longer satisfied with merely “Checking the Box” to deliver basic training. Instead, they are transforming their organizational culture by changing hearts and minds with a focus on compassion, caring, empathy, and respect.


Here’s how to bring a human-centered focus
into your IT organization:

How to Be a Compassionate Geek:

The 5 Principles of IT Customer Service Success

Don Crawley delivers a transformative keynote filled with relatable stories and anecdotes, audience interaction, and logic and reason to appeal to IT audiences. With Don, you get an internationally-known IT author who knows how to relate to IT people, whether to an audience of 10 or 10,000.

Key Takeaways:

  • Mere technical skills are no longer sufficient to build a successful career in IT.
  • The most successful people are masters of both technicals and human-relations skills.
  • Learn how to be a better listener.
  • IT jobs are not just technical; they’re about helping people work more productively, efficiently, and creatively.
  • Learn how to treat all people with dignity and respect.
  • Technical jobs are about solving human problems in the workplace.
  • Learn how to use sincere empathy to elevate customer service.
  • A well-run IT department can make a dramatic improvement in organizational productivity and profitability.

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Director, Community

“The audience was completely enthralled during his speech and his message has resonated well after the event came to an end. I still have partners come up and talk with me about the “Compassionate Geek” and share how much Don’s message meant to them. Don is an amazing speaker and author; and on top of that, he is a delightful person to work with.”


“Don is absolutely fantastic to work with for speaking engagements. His message is right on point, he understands and identifies with his audience. He takes concepts that are easy to understand but hard to implement and gives the audience practical tips and tools to help them make changes. His audience leaves the room with actionable information that will help them improve all of their customer relationships.”

Technology Manager

“Don Crawley was a keynote speaker at our annual conference recently where he spoke to us about using compassion in our daily jobs as I.T. Professionals. The take-away lessons were invaluable. His thought provoking testimonies, suggestions and advice given during his presentation were eye opening…Not only was the presentation highly received by our membership, but working with Don in the planning stages of the conference was a breeze. He is a very kind and compassionate (geek) human being!”


Franchise Services, Inc.

“Thanks for exceeding our expectations. I enjoyed not only the message but the style in which it was delivered. You are a real Pro!”

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