I just received a very nice testimonial from client Vince Tinnerello, CEO of Denver-based Anchor Network Solutions, Inc., a leading managed service provider. Vince attended two of my keynote presentations on IT customer service and asked me to deliver a one-day, comprehensive Compassionate Geek training program for his staff onsite at their offices in Denver.

Here’s Vince’s testimonial:

Vince and his staff understand that successful managed services providers know how to care for their customers with more than just high levels of technical competence. The most successful MSPs treat their customers with extreme technical competence combined with compassion, empathy, listening skills, and respect. Successful MSPs like Anchor Network Solutions realize that their success is entirely dependent on customer success and great customer relationships.

Keynote Speaker or Corporate Training

Do you have a group of IT engineers or other technical staff members who are highly competent and need to take their people skills to the same level as their technical skills?

I’d love to be the keynote speaker at your next conference or to come and work with your company’s staff on mastering IT customer service skills, too. Programs are available for all group sizes and budgets. Use this link to request information about my programs.

For More Ideas on How to Improve Communication and Customer Service Skills

IT customer service bookBring my IT customer service training seminar onsite to your location for your group, small or large. I have programs that can fit nearly any budget. Click here for the course description and outline.

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