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Keynote Speaker on
IT Customer Service and Compassion

Bringing humanity into the world of technology

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Don R. Crawley, CSPTM, DTM, is a veteran keynote speaker and corporate trainer who connects with your audience as one technologist to another. He’s the author of eight books for IT people on subjects ranging from Cisco technologies to Linux servers to compassionate communication. Here’s a link to his Amazon author page.

Using a mix of humor, story-telling, and multi-media, combined with logic and reason, Don shows your audience how to combine their deep technical competence with compassion, empathy, dignity and respect, and listening skills to build lasting and profitable relationships with customers, end users, and workplace colleagues.

For 45 years, as a broadcaster, musician, technical trainer, and keynote speaker, Don has been captivating audiences with his message of humanity in a technical world.

Engage Don to present a keynote speech, conference breakout session, inspiration program, or training seminar at your next event.

Getting the Most From Your Speaker Investment

This link is to an excellent article by legendary speaker Patricia Fripp. In it, she discusses practical ways you can stretch your speaker budget while getting more for your investment. Even veteran meeting professionals are encouraged to read it. Getting the Most From Your Speaker Investment

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