Technicians Checklist for Customer Support

This technicians checklist is for anyone who responds to service tickets and requests. It’s also for anyone who deals with end-users, other customers, and coworkers. When preparing to respond to a support ticket or service request, even an informal one, be sure to go through the following checklist. IT Customer Service is More Than Just …

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When a Client Wants to Bypass Customer Support Systems

Bypassing Customer Support Systems We build customer support systems to take excellent care of our customers, but some clients just want to go around them. Does this sound familiar? Terry, an owner of a mid-sized MSP wrote: “I’m wondering if you have anything on voicemail, specifically an outbound voicemail message on the owner’s mobile or …

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How to Handle an Angry or Abusive Customer

For most of us, dealing with an angry or abusive customer is upsetting, even nerve-wracking. Still, sometimes it happens. When you know how to handle angry and abusive customers, you can turn situations around, save relationships, and keep your stress levels under control. Here are five critical success factors in dealing with difficult customers (or …

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Ingenuity and Perseverance in a Time of COVID

Are you bombarded with promotions for webinars telling you how to deal with these crazy times? Yeah, me too. Today, I’m taking a different approach with the Compassionate Geek blog and podcast. I’m offering uplifting stories about people, both ordinary and extraordinary, and their resilience in the face of extraordinary challenges. It’s 1952, in the …

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Your Life Matters

UPDATE: I just learned that my friend Reggie Watkins died of COVID-19 and that my friend Ray Benson is terribly sick with this awful virus. That news makes this week’s Compassionate Geek blog more timely than ever. Please, read on… My friend Roger is 87. He’s in great shape, both mentally and physically. Before the …

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Customer Service Like Amazon

Making Customer Experience Difficult For the past four months, I’ve gotten my prescriptions filled at Walgreens. I set everything up online and they mailed them to me as needed. One of my prescriptions ran out and the new package hadn’t arrived yet, so I tried to use the chat feature on the Walgreens website. After …

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