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Missing Appointments and Not Doing Your Homework

By Don Crawley  |  September 11, 2019 7:00 am

The salesperson left a voice message to tell me his assistant had given me inaccurate information and he wanted to correct what I’d been told about their service. He also sent an email, so I replied to his email with a time when I could talk. I didn’t hear back until the next day when …



6 of the Best Customer Service Qualities of IT Professionals

By TCG Staff  |  September 3, 2019 7:00 am

IT professionals may think they’re in the tech industry, but the reality is that they’re actually in the service industry. IT jobs are really about helping end-users do their jobs more productively, efficiently, and creatively. No matter their specific technical role, your IT workers are using their specialized skills in service to another employee, customer, …


how to be sincere

Six Ways to be Sincere

By Don Crawley  |  August 28, 2019 7:00 am

A viewer on my YouTube channel recently asked how to be sincere. Good question! Here are six ways to be sincere. #1: Be genuine. That means that you say what you mean and mean what you say without being nasty to the other person. #2: Always speak the truth, but that doesn’t mean insulting others …


Is Customer Service Training a Worthwhile Investment for IT?

Is Customer Service Training a Worthwhile Investment for IT?

By TCG Staff  |  August 26, 2019 6:29 am

Customer experience is a vital part of building a strong client base. A great experience will strengthen customer loyalty and satisfaction. It also has the potential to increase word of mouth sales, referrals, and positive reviews. One way to strengthen your company’s customer experience is by training your employees on your company’s processes, values, and …


Why Things Go Wrong with Customers

By Don Crawley  |  August 14, 2019 7:00 am

Sometimes, when we’re working on customer service support or even helping a colleague, things seem to go off track unexpectedly. Of course, when you’re dealing with other people, you will occasionally get a surprise reaction! Here are some common reasons why things go wrong, along with some tips for what to do when that happens: …


5 customer service tips your it employees need to learn

5 Customer Service Tips Your IT Employees Need to Learn

By TCG Staff  |  August 6, 2019 8:00 am

The IT services market is growing faster every day making competition fierce. Companies that survive are focused on one thing: customer service experience. From the moment a customer engages with your company they are making decisions about how they feel about doing business with you. Customers are comparing service from your team and your competition. …


Why Customer Service Training is Important for IT Professionals

Why Customer Service Training is Important for IT Professionals (An End User’s Lament)

By TCG Staff  |  August 1, 2019 8:00 am

It was a Friday afternoon, I was working hard to knock out the last few to-do’s before the weekend when “it” happened. My cursor suddenly became the spinning wheel of death. It wouldn’t click, wouldn’t let me close anything, it just spun. Instant panic struck me, I had been working on a massive report for …