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Most of us have had hall conferences at work. You know, that time when you see someone in the hallway at work and discuss a project or maybe some upcoming workplace changes. We chat for a few minutes and then go about our business. Then, maybe a week later, the other person takes some action based on what you said in that hall conference, but you forgot all about it. Oops. Most of the time, it’s probably only a minor “oops”, but it’s still annoying and inconveniencing.

With a Hall Conference The Key is to Document

Here are two techniques you can use to ensure your hall conference decisions don’t fall into a black hole.

  1. As soon as it looks like something of substance is going to be discussed, suggest going back to an office or setting up an appointment for a meeting so both parties can take notes.
  2. If it’s not possible to have a more formal meeting, as soon as the hall conference concludes, immediately go to your computer or smartphone and summarize the key points of the hall conference in an email to the other person. Ask them to confirm the details of the meeting.

Our Memories are Faulty

Human memories are faulty. That’s why most courts-of-law no longer place value on eye-witness testimony. The key is to document what was said and any decisions that were made as quickly as possible following the casual meeting.

Casual Meetings Like Hall Conferences Have Value.

It’s often in a casual meeting in the hallway or break room that new ideas are born or ongoing problems are solved. The problem with impromptu meetings is the lack of documentation, combined with our faulty memories. That causes people to forget important points and assignments. The critical success factor for casual meetings is to document what was said and any commitments that were made as soon as possible after the casual meeting.

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