The real problem with customer service is that many systems are designed by people who apparently don’t ever use them.

I’ve stayed at many hotels during my career as a professional speaker. In some of them, I wondered if the managers of the hotels had ever tried spending the night in one of the rooms.

Customer Service Systems Don’t Work!

Similarly, I’ve often tried to use a company’s online support portal, only to get frustrated and try to call to talk with a real human. Then, I find myself getting frustrated with their automated voice response system.

If you’re a business owner or manager, take some time to use (or try to use) your company’s customer service systems, use your products and services the same way a customer does to experience them the way a customer experiences them.

Once you know what it’s like to use your company’s website or its automated voice response system or any other aspect of your company or department, you can then make changes to simplify your end users and other customers experience.

The idea is simple: Make it easy to do business with your company or department. You’ll have higher customer satisfaction levels and you’ll save money, too!

The real problem with customer service is that many companies don’t use their customer service portals, AVRs, or even their own products and services. Use your own products and services. Try your own customer support portals and automated voice response systems. It’s not enough to conduct surveys. You’ve got to go through the same experiences as your end users and other customers to really know what they go through when they try to do business with your company or department. When you do that, you’ll automatically find ways to improve the customer experience.

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