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I’m very excited to announce the upcoming release of a major update to The Compassionate Geek. I’ve added a lot of new material, including reflection and discussion exercises at the end of chapter and more human stories about overcoming difficulty through perspective, tenacity, and strength of will.

It’s scheduled for release on November 1 and we’re setting up book release parties and events for Portland, Seattle, and other cities. The Portland party will be part of Stumptown Stories on Tuesday, November 12, 7:30 p.m., at the Jack London Bar in Portland (named one of America’s best bars by Playboy Magazine, by the way).

We’re still working on the details, but it’s certainly going to involve some story-telling, probably some geek trivia, and who knows what else.

Check out the very awesome cover designed by designer extraordinaire Jason Sprenger.

More details will be forthcoming shortly.

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