Keynote Speech

Change hearts and minds with Don’s compelling keynote speech The Compassionate Geek: Bringing Compassion Into the World of Technology, which includes the five principles of compassionate customer service in IT, the roadblocks that get in the way, and powerful tools for success. Don’s keynote is a combination of humor, storytelling, and relevant anecdotes designed specifically for technical professionals from the help desk to the data center.


Full-day Seminar

Today’s IT professional must master two skill families in order to be successful. The first is technical skills and knowledge. That’s obvious. Without a solid technical understanding, you simply can’t do the job. The second is how to improve customer service. That means developing an ability to understand, get along with, and influence people. In this fast-paced, thought-provoking one-day seminar, attendees will learn people skills and communication skills to help them deliver outstanding customer service. (Half-day and two-day versions are also available.)


Breakout Sessions

Schedule breakout sessions on customer service and communication topics at your conference so participants can delve deeper into the art and science of customer service and communication.

Each breakout session varies in length, approximately 45 minutes to 75 minutes, depending on your unique needs and schedule.


LIVE Webinar

Based on Don’s popular keynote address, this 60 – 90 minute webinar introduces the five principles of compassionate customer service. Participants will then learn roadblocks to success and tools for success. This fast-paced, results-oriented webinar includes compelling graphics, thought-provoking interactive exercises, and personal anecdotes and stories.



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